Early Learning & Childcare Council in Oceanside (ELCCO)

ELCCO supports the development of Affordable, Accessible, and Quality Not-for-Profit Child Care in Oceanside. Membership consists of a liaison representative from: RDN, City of Parksville, Town of Qualicum Beach, Qualicum First Nation and School District 69; Early Learning and Child Care Organizations; and Child-care advocates and Families. The Council works at the neighbourhood level to build a democratic childcare system, based on research and expertise of Childcare Coalition of BC and Early Childhood Educators of BC. Successes of 2019-2020 include: Shared and supported the application process for BC Provincial funding “Child Care Needs Assessment.” Currently the group supports the ongoing data collection informing immediate and long-term decision making of childcare services and infrastructure development. This is a collaborative project with the communities of Lantzville, Nanaimo, and surrounding Regional Districts. Supported the application process for Child Care Space Creation Funding, to ensure the Oceanside community increases publicly owned childcare space. Building collaborative relationships and community resources, to support the ongoing development of publicly funded childcare in the Oceanside community. Encouraging community engagement by building alliances with families, maintained through email contact. Families are kept informed of the work of ELCCO and respond to “Calls for Action” when needed. ELCCO recognizes the need to support well-trained childcare workforce and supports initiative’s that address this challenge. Early Learning & Child Care Council is an action-orientated group that pulls together resources and expertise to meet the childcare community needs and move the universal childcare system forward. Children and their families need community support to grow future leaders.

Lifelong Learning

Over the years the Intergenerational table has participated in many activities in the community that have encouraged connection between children and seniors.

Universal Access Qualicum Beach

Our Vision

Universal solutions on access and quality of life for all in Qualicum Beach.

Our Mission

To work together with The Town of Qualicum Beach, its residents and other community organizations to increase awareness of accessibility needs (physical, emotional, social and mental health).

Our Goals

    • To provide education, advocacy and action projects to reduce or eliminate barriers to participating in daily life in Qualicum Beach.
    • To support people of all abilities to work, play, live and go to school in QB.
    • To welcome visitors/tourists by providing accessible options to stay, shop and play in QB.

Accessible Tandem Bikes

Accessible Tandem Bikes

Huka Bikes

Intergenerational activism has been the focus of our chapter of the Universal Access QB roundtable action team. In August 2019, we uncrated the second of the two accessible tandem cycles that fulfilled the program’s fundraising goal thanks to generous donations by Royal Canadian Legion Branch 49 Parksville, and again the Nanaimo Hospital Foundation.

Social Connections

Social Connections

Our roundtable action team leader, Bernie, has been speaking with neighbourhood organizations, community groups and individuals to see if there is interest in organizing a broad-based community collaboration on the impact of social isolation to our residents. If you have a passion or interest for the work of this project please email Bernie at bernbrochu@gmail.com



Volunteer for Our Admin Team. Please contact us to apply for the following: Membership Coordinator. Communication Manager.