Lifelong Learning

Intergenerational Connections

Over the years the Intergenerational roundtable action team has participated in many activities in the community that have encouraged connection between children and seniors. The key to the success of the QCEWS intergenerational programs is that people young and old, are given an opportunity to try something new in good company and have fun doing it. We learn from each other. Learning builds trust, acceptance and caring which is what we all want in an intergenerational community.

QB Seniors Centre Intergenerational Activities

Kids in the Kitchen

Kids aged 10 to 16 participated in introduction to FOODSAFE followed by weekly cooking classes. The families of the kids were invited to stay for the 3 course meal each week and the kids would serve them and clean up afterwards.

Learn to play Ukulele

    Under the mentorship of musicians from the Seniors Centre Ukulele Group. Kids aged 6 and up, along with parents participated in weekly group lessons with loaned Ukulele’s from Arrowsmith Community Recreation Association (ACRA). Many students ended up purchasing their own Ukulele and continued to play on their own once classes were complete.

Learn to Knit

Kids aged 8 and up, along with parents joined together in weekly knitting classes with members of the Seniors Centre. Attendees learned single and double knitting and plain and purl stitches. Some wonderfully colourful creations and new friendships were made.

Residential Care Visits

Residential Care Visits

This roundtable action team started when parents with young children connected with a local residential care home to spend time with the seniors playing board games, singing songs, reading stories, painting and crafting. Activities vary depending upon the the season and time of year. We love to celebrate events like Easter, Valentines Day, Canada Day, Halloween and Holidays.

Family Soccer

Family Soccer

While family soccer has not restarted since Covid struck we have had great turnouts with participants agreeing it’s a whole lot of fun! Family members and complete strangers simply show up to play. The purpose is to encourage casual sporting and to build intergenerational relationships. Its simple and easy to organize. Children who have never played soccer before or who would otherwise not have the opportunity to play are now joining in.